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When it comes to attracting support for your charity, be it financially or through volunteering time, you probably already know that competition is fierce. To carry on with your vitally important work, charities must behave just like businesses and stand out from the crowd.

This means you’ll need an eye-catching website with great functionality, built and maintained by a company that understands what you need. You’ll need words that hook your website visitor in and converts them into regular supporters. Your website will need to appear at the top of the Google rankings to be seen. Add to that, a social media presence that keeps you at the forefront of general public awareness. It’s quite a lot to do, just taking care of your digital marketing needs.

We can build and design websites for charities

Don’t panic, though! We can help you out. WADEDIGITAL are the experts in supporting charities with digital marketing needs. Whether your charity is small or large, we’ll offer you discounted rates for any website upgrades or changes you want to make. And we’ll also help you access up to £7k per month of FREE Google Ads budget.

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Work with us and you’ll get the following:

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  • A unique and professionally designed website for your charity with great functionality and features.
  • Easily updatable, your website will be simple enough for your internal team to learn, saving your charity money in the long term. Alternatively, we can help you with the updates at a discounted rate.
  • A website that meets all the accessibility standards you would expect.
  • 3rd party CRM system integration so you know where your leads and donations have come from.
  • SEO support to ensure your website doesn’t get lost in the Google listings.
  • Help to get up to £7k per month of Google Ads, FREE, plus advice on where it would be best used.

Our flexible approach to digital marketing means you can improve your charity’s online presence further.


Words written by our professional copywriters, produced to keep your visitor reading more and to convert them into supporters. Use our copywriting services for newsletters, emails and more.

Branding and Graphic Design

Our graphic design team will look at your branding, including your logo, style and colours, so your website is visually appealing to all your visitors.

Social Media

Use our social media services to make sure your social media posts get seen. We’ll help you build your following on whatever platform you use by posting engaging and unique posts at the optimum times.


Use our SEO services to ensure your website is doing everything correctly to move up those Google rankings and to take a place on the prized first page.

Working with us

Whether you choose to work with us to get your website set up and ready to go or you want to engage with us long-term, we offer favourable rates to charities. We’ll take the time to get to know you and your charity to offer you the best possible support.


Lewis Manning Case Study

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‘I cannot recommend Mike and his company highly enough!’
That is just a little part of what Lewis Manning Hospice said about us on completion of their new website, and we were chuffed!

The Initial Brief

This small but vitally important hospice in Poole, Dorset, contacted us with a list of requirements for their new website and a tight deadline. Their main aim was to have a platform that shows off their work, attracts regular supporters and stands out from the crowd because, as we all know, there are many charities in need of support.

Within their initial brief, they detailed a need for:

  • A maintainable website that the team can access and update
  • Monthly support plan for backup and web maintenance
  • Design which incorporates the original branding and builds on those ideas
  • A facility which allows people to sign up for Gift Aid
  • All of this completed within a short timeframe
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The Website Build

Whilst the list above may seem pretty straightforward, building a website with specialised features can be a complicated process. We are lucky to have a whole team of digital marketing specialists at WADEDIGITAL, which meant our development team were able to step in and develop specific solutions that work.

We designed and built a fifteen-page website which is fully updateable by the Lewis Manning Team. This means they can go in and add new information and features whenever they need to without the cost of specialised outside assistance.

In keeping with the brief, our web designer ensured each element fitted in with the current branding, and by creating a style guide, this means all future updates will fit cohesively together.

The Gift Aid facility is critically important to charities as it allows them to effectively access an extra 25% of each donation from HMRC. By ensuring this facility is as accessible and easy for donators to use, the income generated via the website will rise significantly.

Have a look at the Lewis Manning Hospice website here.

Ongoing Support

When it comes to ongoing support, Lewis Manning Hospice has taken out a monthly support plan with us. This means we will be on the end of a phone should there be any issues the charities team cannot sort out themselves. This also gives them peace of mind with a higher service level agreement, and means we are proactive with our approach.
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I cannot recommend Mike and his company highly enough! His approach was personal and tailored to our industry, was fantastic with communication and went above and beyond to meet the tight deadline we were working too. The team were great at problem solving, thinking outside the box and getting to understand exactly what our user/target audience needed so he could then implement that in the website build. If you need any digital services help and support wadedigital is most certainly who you should speak to!
-Abby Davies

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Why your charity should
work with us

There is one big yet simple reason why charities work with us. We are the specialists! Over the last ten years, we have worked with many different charities and not-for-profits, large and small. Have a look at one of our favourite charity website designs, Harnham Water Meadows Trust.

We understand the pressures charities are under and how their website needs to work for them, attracting donations and volunteers while raising awareness of the critical work they do. We also spend extra time getting to know an individual organisation so we can provide the best support possible. All of this comes with discounted rates.

Need more information?

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