Three great tips to increase conversions on your website

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No matter what kind of website you have, your website has a goal.

Most websites are looking to gain business in the form of buyers or gaining prospective buyers’ details. Even if you feel your website was designed purely to inform people of your business and methods of contact, it’s easy to turn your website into one that can generate sales.

Tip number 1: Give prospective customers a reason to buy from you at that moment in time.

There are businesses out there that achieve their profits only on sales events. Have you ever noticed how busy Holland & Barrett are during their 1p sale?

How often do you or your partner want to pop in to a specific shop because of a seasonal sale?

Sometimes you feel you need justification to buy something; I often hear justifications from my fiancée when I query why she has purchased something! (She should work in sales!)

Give your customers a reason to purchase or give their details there and then. If you don’t, it’s an opportunity cost for your business.


Display a pop up with a voucher for 10% off today after a viewer has spent more than 30 seconds on a webpage which is selling a product.


Offer an entry in to a prize draw by purchasing any product this month.

We all like to feel we’ve got a bargain – so capitalize on your websites traffic.

Tip number 2: Make it easy for prospective customers to get the information they need

If you’re anything like me, I don’t always want to spend time waiting for an answer whether it’s being on hold on the phone to someone, or waiting days for an e-mail response.

When someone is on your site, and has a question, if they can’t find an easy answer you run the risk of losing them as they may call the next available business.

We live in a modern age where people expect to find easy answers, and a huge percentage of traffic is from mobile searches. So what better way to engage customers than to offer a chat client on your website.

Chat clients enable you to respond quickly, show that you are about customer experience and that they don’t have to wait ages for an answer.

What’s more Facebook now offers developers the ability to embedd Facebook chat to websites, and you can even respond to chats on your mobile device when you are out of the office.

Tip number 3: Be smart with your site

Each webpage on your site should ideally read like a structured diagram, guiding users through your content with an end goal in mind.

Let’s say you run a shop. You wouldn’t talk about your product and then not attempt to close your prospective sale after answering their queries.

So be sure to add ‘Call to actions’ at the bottom of each page, which can be in the form of buttons (Read more or Shop now) or text (Call us to reserve your appointment).

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