Why to use an SSL certificate

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SSL certificates – something my site doesn’t need, right?

SSL certificates play an important role on a website for a number of reasons.
SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer, and if you have a certificate active on your site it will display HTTPS in the URL bar indicating to users data is treated securely.


So then why are SSL certificates important?

If you do not have one, the information users submit from their browser to the server can be intercepted by hackers and read easily. With an SSL certificate information submitted is encrypted meaning that the hacker cannot read the captured data.

If you do not have an SSL certificate users will now be prompted in their browser that the site is not secure – this could impact the goal of your website as users could be deterred.

Did you know? Many users have found an increase in visibility on google searches since including an SSL certificate.

If you are considering starting a first website, it’s highly recommended for you to include this.

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