Graphic Design for Business

Any essential part of any business strategy

Designs to get you noticed

We believe graphic design is an essential part of any business strategy, so whatever the design requirement for your business – digital or print – we are here to help make design work effectively for you.

We ensure our designs reflect what is distinctive about your business and work to create assets that will appeal to your target audience and tell the unique story of your brand.

Communicating your brand

Good design brings your brand to life and helps explain who you are. Branding is a way of positively communicating your business to your clients, and made up from a unique combination of logo, design and tone of voice.

Our expert team use graphic design to quickly and consistently communicate the quality of your business and help you to stand out from the crowd. Whether you are just starting out and need to develop a brand, or already have an identity that needs review and help to evolve, we are here to help.

WADEDIGITAL logo with team members' photo overlay for spinner.

Your new logo 

A great logo tells the story of who you are, what you do and why you do it in the most immediate and visual way. As part of our graphic design services for business, we offer creative logo design. Please read more here to find out more about our creative approach to logos…

Digital assets

WADEDIGITAL logo with team members' photo overlay for spinner.

Digital marketing is all about creating awareness of your business, communicating what you have to offer and then building engagement that will lead to sales success. Effective digital marketing needs to support every step of this process with well-designed digital assets.

We can work with you to create striking designs to get your business noticed and support your brand. Our team can design digital assets for online advertising, content for web, and also information and illustrations for digital documents.

Print matters

We know that there are times when only print will do, so we can help by designing business stationery to best reflect your brand. This includes business cards and compliment slips, leaflets and brochures, and any other printed business essentials.

If you need promotional materials for trade fairs, exhibitions or networking events, we can supply everything from brochures and leaflets to pop-up banners and stand graphics, designed to get your business noticed. Please get in touch and we can discuss your specific requirements.

WADEDIGITAL logo with team members' photo overlay for spinner.


We believe that using graphic design consistently, whether digitally or in print, is a key part of a successful business strategy. Our aim is to support you to achieve that goal and help make sure your business consistently looks great.


“We’ve partnered with Wade Digital for over 2 years now and their web management services never fail to impress us. Their professional and reliable team of experts are instrumental in helping us achieve our marketing goals through our website. Highly recommended!”

– A2Z Cloud

Graphic Design

Business Cards

Pop-up banner



Compliment Slips

Website banners

Enhance or Evolve

Our design services can incorporate your existing branding, or take the best of what you do and transform it into a new and improved version.

A wide selection of design services

From logos, business cards, leaflets, flyers and more, we can craft a visual identity for you.

Design at the right scale

We can create your graphics as vectors, which means they can be scaled up for use on external signage or vehicles.

Some businesses who have recently had graphic design from us…

Design Vertex

A new visual identity for 3D print experts, Design Vertex.


A new logo and website for wealth managers, GoddardFry.

We are here to help with design for business that will ensure you stand out from the crowd.