Logo Design Services

Creating visual identities and more

A great logo tells the world all about your business in one, carefully crafted, identifying mark. Whether you are just starting out and need a logo to help create a visual identity for your business, or you already have a logo, but it needs reviewing, we have the creative approach, skill and experience to design a logo that will work hard for you.

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More than a mark

A logo is mix of words and images skilfully brought together to create a symbol or mark, which helps people quickly identify your brand and how you are different from the competition. Logos have been part of history since man first started making objects and the reason is simple – it’s all about recognition.

Why does logo design matter?

For any business, a well-designed logo is part of the journey towards one becoming a successful brand that is immediately recognisable. Your logo helps users, customers and clients understand what you do, the services you provide, who you are and what you stand for.

We know that logos are one of the most challenging parts of graphic design. It takes skill and experience to create a logo that will consistently deliver and meet the needs of your business, but also follows the essential visual and graphic rules. This is why we take the time and care to talk to you about your business, so that the logo we create for you will work hard and be truly representative.

WADEDIGITAL logo with team members' photo overlay for spinner.

What makes a great logo design?

A great logo needs to work on its own, as well as with all other elements of your visual identity. So, we work hard to make sure that it is:

Simple and flexible

A design that can change and grow with your business.


A logo that is easy to recognise in seconds.


Styling that will still look fresh in years to come.


A design that works well on screen and in print, and on everything from compliment slips to billboards without compromising quality.

Above all, we strive to make sure that any logo we prepare for you, is a perfect fit for your business identity.

WADEDIGITAL logo with team members' photo overlay for spinner.

Logo review

It may be that you already have a logo, but it needs an independent review and an update. We can work with you to design the changes, large or small, that are needed to refresh your logo and take it forward in style.

Read our recent case study with with Design Vertex, whose logo we reworked to modernise.
Some businesses who have recently had a new logo from us…

Design Vertex

A new visual identity for 3D print experts, Design Vertex.


A new logo and website for wealth managers, GoddardFry.

We are here to help with design for business that will ensure you stand out from the crowd.