Managed Website Hosting

High speed servers with regular remote backups

Backing you up

In order to function at its best, a website requires regular maintenance. As experts in WordPress and its plugins, we can manage all the necessary updates on your behalf and ensure optimum performance from your website.

We offer a range of services as part of our managed website hosting, giving you the peace of mind that only comes from the knowledge that our experts are looking after your digital backroom. These services include:

  • Updating of WordPress, it’s plugins and any themes
  • Regular remote backups
  • Brute force login protection
  • SSL certificates (HTTPS)
  • SSL E-mail mailboxes
  • Google Analytics with monthly reporting
  • Broken links checking
  • Uptime reports on your website
  • Virus and malware scans

Wordpress hosting specialists

We host a vast number of websites across our managed, high speed servers.

Optimum performance

We know what is required for a WordPress website to run at its best, how to maintain it and how to keep it running optimally.

Everything you will need for your site

We offer regular remote backups, Updating of WordPress, it’s plugins and themes, e-mail hosting, SSL certificates and more.

If you are interested in the peace of mind our expertise can give in running and maintaining the back room of your website, then please get in touch.