Why it’s important to consider a copywriter for your website

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You may be thinking about using a copywriter to help you write the perfect words for your website. It’s a wise idea! Professional copywriters are specialists in writing the right words to help maximise website traffic and convert visitors from readers to paying customers.

There is no doubt about it; words sell! But, what exactly do copywriters bring to the website party?


Writing about yourself is notoriously tricky

It’s tough to write objectively about your own business. Sometimes you can be too close to your business to produce words that talk directly to your potential customer. Copywriters will pick out the information you need and turn it into compelling web copy


Your website needs to sell your services

It’s too easy to put words together without remembering it’s all about sales. Persuasive copy should solve your visitor’s potential problems for them and get them to do something that will ultimately turn them into a customer. Copywriters are highly skilled at picking out the critical points of a product or service and highlighting the most important benefits and features. Everything is written with visitor to customer conversion in mind.


Who is your ideal customer?

Your website copy must appeal to your ideal customer. Copywriters will work with you to produce a picture of that customer and write copy that speaks directly to them in a tone of voice that will resonate. You don’t want a serious, corporate style if you sell a trendy clothing product to a young market. Ultimately, by producing words for your ideal clientele, you are more likely to convert them from visitor to paying customer.


Figuring out the most important call to action

Copywriters will help you figure out the perfect call to action for each website page. You’ll want your visitors to do something specific when they visit, whether it’s to contact you, give you their details or sign up for your newsletter. Don’t let a potential customer slip away by not including the right call to action.


Search engine optimisation and those all-important keywords

When writing website copy, copywriters will always have search engine optimisation (SEO) in mind. You could have the most fantastic website in the World, but if it only shows up on page 10 of Google, you won’t get many new visitors.

Keywords are an important part of this process. A copywriter will:

  • Choose the right keyword variant.
  • Do people search for ‘builder in Salisbury’ or ‘building contractor Salisbury?’ Choosing the right one is essential so your business comes up on the most searches.
  • Know how many keywords to use
  • Use too few keywords and your business will never show up on Google when searched for. Use the keyword too much (known as keyword stuffing) and Google could penalise your website, hiding it far away on a page where it will never be found.
  • Find the best spot for your keywords
  • There are ideal places to add keywords to websites to maximise SEO. Other places won’t help one jot! A copywriter will ensure your keywords are written into the text in the best spots to keep Google happy.


Don’t forget your spelling, grammar and flow

You might be selling the best product ever. Still, if there are glaring spelling or grammar errors, you could turn a potential customer away from your website. A copywriter will make sure everything sounds good and flows correctly to keep your visitor reading more. They will ensure all your words are spelt correctly and the proper grammar is used. You don’t want to shake a visitor’s confidence in your business by not paying attention to the small details.

Have we convinced you of the benefits of copywriting services yet? If you think your website would benefit from some professionally written copy, contact us at WADEDIGITAL.

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