Could You Boost Your WooCommerce Sales with An App?

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Apps. With more than 5 million of them out there, we think everyone can be assured that they are a good idea and provide value.

It is estimated that users are spending over £273 billion worldwide on in-app purchases and by the year 2023, the overall mobile app market will reach an astounding $935 billion in revenue.

So, if you run an online store via WooCommerce, a personalised, easy to download app has the potential to significantly boost your sales and accelerate your company’s growth.

What is Woocommerce?

WooCommerce is a flexible, open-source commerce solution that can be built into WordPress websites as a plugin.

The platform enables small and medium sized businesses to sell their items or services online via an online store that they want.

It is thought that – as of January 2021 – WooCommerce is used on nearly four million websites worldwide, accounting for 29% of the top one million sites using eCommerce technologies.


How Can We Help?

At WADEDIGITAL, we can offer our clients an app which allows users to convert their WooCommerce website into a fully functional mobile app, available on both the Apple app and Google Play stores.

In the app, users can create an account or use their existing one from the website and use this to conveniently browse products and checkout with their purchases. Once they are logged in, the app will save their preferences making buying products easier moving forwards.

The app is quick and easy to download and user friendly.

Once The App Is Live…

Once the app is live, content will automatically sync from WooCommerce. So, if a new product is added to the website, or if a change is made to a product, it will be synced to the app. Therefore, making changes to the app is effortless and won’t take up any time.

One particularly useful feature of the app is the ability to send push notifications. For example, a client may want to highlight a new product or emphasise a weekend sale – the push notification will send this directly to everybody using the app. And, unlike texting customers – which is often a costly process – the push notifications are a free feature of within the app.  

Pricing for this service starts as low as £1,000, and we will do all the work, which includes creating the app, integrating the app with the website, publishing the app and testing the app.

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