Building an accommodation website that integrates with Airbnb

by | Dec 28, 2020 | Website info | 0 comments

This month one of the projects we worked on was Marl House, a luxurious ‘5 star’ accommodation. Throughout the duration of the project, we carefully planned our processes to productively create a website that highlights the premium and outstanding services the accommodation offers to its customers.

The accommodation at Marl House can be booked through the website and via Airbnb. This ultimately creates a potential problem. To put it simply, because of the fact that bookings can be done on two different platforms at any given time, there is a possibility that clients can double book the accommodation, which creates a big issue.

To solve this problem, we have configured a booking system that integrates with live Airbnb booking data. The system will blocks off Airbnb bookings to avoid confusion.

Using the booking data from Airbnb, we were also able to present the booking system on the front end in a user-friendly way. The calendars are configured to only allow the user to book days which are available for booking. To achieve this, we carefully styled the booking system in such a way that its accessible and easy to understand.

Need a booking system like this?

If your accommodation is on Airbnb and you could benefit from fantastic new website that avoids Airbnb booking fees then enquire with us.

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