The Importance of Keeping Your Website Secure

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Website security might not sound like the most thrilling topic, but trust us, it is extremely important – particularly as website hackers and bots who carry out cyberattacks, are becoming more advanced.

It is estimated that in 2024, roughly 300,000 new pieces of malware (software that is specifically created to disrupt, damage or gain access) are created on a daily basis. It is also thought that around 30,000 websites are hacked, daily.

To prevent this happening, web security is essential.

‘Web Security’ is a general term that covers the practise of protecting networks and computer systems from damage to, or the theft of software, hardware and data.

Businesses that don’t cover themselves are at risk.


What’s at Risk?

  • Customer Data – By not securing a website, businesses aren’t protecting their users’ data
  • Business Assets – Likewise, a business’s own assets are at risk if not protected
  • Business Reputation – If a company is attacked and their customer data leaked, it can be extremely damaging for its reputation
  • Finance – A cyberattack can have substantial financial implications for an organisation and its clients or customers
  • The Website – If a website is found to contain harmful malware, it can be blacklisted, creating issues for the business


What can be Done?  

At WADEDIGITAL, we have processes, software and plugins in place that allow us to keep all the websites we host and manage, fully secure against the latest cyberattack software.

We also utilise patch management tools which allow us to track and analyse any vulnerabilities that are present on the websites that we have built.

In addition to this, we make use of firewall software to protect the server on which all our websites run.


WordPress Security Plugins –

Within our maintenance plans, we use two of the leading WordPress security plugins, WordFence and Sucuri, allowing us to keep websites secure against the latest cyberattacks. WordFence and Sucuri both have their own strengths, so in using them together, we get the best of both plugins.

  • WordFence – One of the most popular security plugins on WordPress, WordFence is an all-in-one security solution that provides websites with endpoint firewall, security scanners, login security, notifications and a centralised management system. It is extremely reliable and provides an excellent level of security
  • Sucuri – The Sucuri WordPress plugin comes with tools that check the integrity of the core WordPress files – JavaScript, PHP, CSS. Often, cyberattacks attempt to modify core files to add or generate openings to take advantage of – Sucuri can prevent this. Sucuri also comes with malware scanning, hardening features, post-hack features and email alerts – all of which help keep a website protected

As effective as these two plugins are, to ensure full protection, it is also important to provide patch management across websites.


Patch Management

Patch management is a vital process that primarily applies updates to software.

For example, the WADEDIGITAL team will monitor certain plugins on WordPress to keep everything as up-to-date and secure as possible. We will then apply any upgrades and updates to the appropriate plugins – this is called ‘patching’.

Monitoring vulnerability, analysing potential patches and how they might work, planning for patching, testing and deploying patches are all part of patch management.

As well as being beneficial for security, patch management safeguards the best operating performance of systems and helps boost productivity.


Security is Key!

With so much at stake, and cyberattacks becoming increasingly sophisticated, solid and reliable web security is a must.

One advantage that we have as an agency is that we maintain a lot of websites. So, if we spot an issue with one, we are able to roll it out to all of our other client sites. If a company is trying to look after its own web security, or using a freelancer, the likelihood is that they won’t spot something as early as we are able to. They may also lack the essential tools required.

The key point with web security is to catch anything unusual or dangerous as early as possible and before it’s too late! This is what we can offer at WADEDIGITAL.


For any queries or advice around web security for your business, please get in touch and see how we can help!


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