WADEDIGITAL – 2023 in Review

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Despite the ongoing cost of living crisis, 2023 has felt like a better year for business than the UK has seen for many years. Considering what COVID did to the business sector, and the aforementioned cost of living crisis just as things were getting back to normal, UK business has certainly showed its resilience. Something all business owners should rejoice in.

2023 has also seen something else start to appear in the business mainstream, AI. Artificial Intelligence has been the source of endless discussions on the future of its use, and where it could potentially leave creative businesses like us. Well, as we discussed in a blog earlier this year, we think the threat of a complete AI takeover of most tasks is about as farfetched as The Matrix. From what we’ve learned, AI is there to assist, not control.

Year on year, we are seeing more businesses – and an increasing number of business sectors – understanding that digital presence is essential. And we are pleased to be in a position to help those business owners looking for their very first website, or experienced web users looking for an upgrade.

This year, we have been lucky enough to achieve:

  • Launching 32 new websites.
  • Another eight 5-star reviews on Google. (We’re very pleased to say that every Google review we received this year was 5-star).
  • Winning another Three Best Rated award for Best Web Designers.
  • Winning an IT Award for Best Digital Agency in the South West from SME News.


2024 Trends

In the ever evolving, fast moving world of web design and digital, its important for us to stay ahead of the curve and look at what we is going to be on trend in 2024. If we don’t at least consider this, work can all too quickly appear stale.

And, there are a few things that we think will be popular next year including:

  • AI Generated Imagery – We’ve been playing around with this kind of thing in the office (as you can see on our Instagram), but this kind of imagery is likely to be popular on websites in 2024.
  • UX-focussed Design – Though this is already among the top of the wish list for businesses, user experience focussed sites will be at the top of that list again next year as designers and businesses try to give users more immersive experiences.
  • Dynamic Cursors – On the slightly more subtle side, some websites now allow users to change shape and colour of the cursor they use on their website. All part of UX really, but something to look out for.
  • Lottie animations – As search engines continue to prefer fasting loading websites, but the demand for engaging websites continues, we believe there will be an increase in animations in the form of ‘Lotties’ which are smaller file sizes than alternative formats. See more on https://lottiefiles.com.



We would sincerely like to thank everybody that we have worked with throughout a very successful 2023! This includes our wonderful customers, suppliers, partners and colleagues.

We wish you a very Happy Christmas and prosperous New Year.

We’ve got some exciting plans and lots to look forward to in 2024 after a well-earned break. And remember, for any digital and website needs, don’t hesitate to see how we can help you!

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