Where Could Your Business Use A Graphic Designer?

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It isn’t hard to make the argument that a business’s visual representation is more important than ever. With attractive branding, images and logos required for everything from brochures to email signatures and show stands to social media platforms (that all require different sized images), there is a lot to think about when it comes to how you want your business to appear to potential customers and clients.

And, this isn’t industry specific. Business owners across the board have realised the significance of graphic design, which means if done badly, losing out by not standing out is a very real possibility.

It isn’t uncommon to see business owners without any design experience try and save money by doing it themselves, but ultimately, this isn’t going to properly represent a business. Plus, the illusion of saving time and cost – especially when considering the need to update graphics, resize images and pay for software programmes – is often just that, an illusion.

So, whether an established brand in need of refreshing, or a start up trying to get things off the ground, there are a whole host of areas that your business could benefit from using a skilled graphic designer team like the one at WADEDIGITAL, with some of the most common including –



Potentially the most important, as this dictates almost everything about how your business comes across. Key elements include logo, colour scheme and typography – so the base of your business to those looking at it.

A good brand will make a company stand out from competitors, and ensure that it is recognisable to clients, customers or consumers.

Furthermore, a good logo and colour scheme is something that will be used for years, possibly even for the entirety that a company exists for. So, quite clearly, something that you want a professional to undertake.

It’s always important to choose the right colour scheme, as very often, certain colours are used in conjunction with certain industries.



Prime advertising space, whether in print of digitally, has always been costly. It therefore makes sense when spending this kind of money to have something professionally designed.

Advertising is everywhere we look – phones, websites, social media, magazines, public transport, billboards and more – so to ensure your company’s adverts are effective, choosing an expert graphic designer is a wise move.


Social Media

Without appealing, eye-catching graphics for posting with, social media channels are doomed to fail from the off. As we mindlessly scroll, images are the first thing we see on any platform. And, on image-specific Instagram, this is really the only thing we see. So attractive graphics to support – or star – in posts is something we are often asked to design.

But this isn’t the only task our clients request for social media. Banners are required on all social media platforms, and is generally the first thing a potential client will see when clicking through to a profile.

Something more recent that has come up is designing social media avatars, which are basically visual representations of people for digital use.

Regardless of what it is, as more and more businesses and individuals join social media, making your content stand out is becoming an even tougher task.


Print Items

Though very much in the modern age, print items are still something we are regularly tasked with creating. Business cards, letter heads, compliment slips, leaflets, flyers and booklets are all still very popular.

A physical business card can still be a useful way of staying in touch with a potential client that was perhaps a chance meeting.

Furthermore, though we refer to these as print items, almost all of them are used both in print and digitally. If we create a brochure for a client, we often print it, and also upload a PDF version onto their website – meaning all bases are covered.


Pop up stands

With pop ups and shows seemingly as popular as ever, having the right design on a stand can be the difference between attracting potential clients and seeing them walk past. Something eye-catching and on brand is essential.


How can we help?

We understand the power of design for business and can offer a wide range of design services to create or evolve the visual identity of your business.

Our in-house graphic design team are experienced in working across a whole host of industries and ready to help your business. Head over to our dedicated graphic design page for more information, or feel free to get in touch.


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