Expert Opinion – Paying for Marketing Makes Sense

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In our last expert blog, our in-house copywriter looked at the benefits and merits of using a professional copywriter when creating content for a website. Much like copywriting, marketing is an area that many business owners see as an opportunity to save some money. Everyone can use social media, right?

To an extent, this may be the case. But marketing is so much more than posting pretty images and good captions on social media. An agency with genuine marketing capabilities can offer content creation, paid-per-click advertising (Google Ads), email marketing, social media marketing and multiple other options.

So, this month’s blog is going to look at some of the benefits of using a professional, specialised agency for marketing, something which will ultimately improve your business.


Keeping Focus
As anybody who runs a successful business knows, each team members individual role is vital. So, if marketing campaigns are being spread across an already busy team, either the marketing or the original work they are undertaking will suffer. Furthermore, if the team members are new to marketing, everything is going to take longer than it should, and will likely be less effective – costing you money.

A good marketing campaign also requires constant focus and strategy. If the person undertaking the work isn’t able to follow-up, track and update the campaign then momentum will be lost, and the campaign won’t be as effective as it could have been.


Expertise and A Fresh Perspective
Marketing can often be viewed by people as something fairly straight forward and something anybody can try their hand at. In reality, this kind of thinking is going to lead to unsuccessful, or certainly less successful, campaign and ideas. Professionals who work for digital and marketing agencies have spent time learning their craft, just like any other profession. An effective campaign exists across different platforms and formats, that all come together to give the consumer consistency. Therefore, its essential that the team undertaking the campaign understand this.

A good marketing professional will also bring fresh ideas and a new perspective to the table, suggesting ideas that individuals who work with a product or service on a daily basis may not see. It is often these hidden or overlooked thoughts that end up being the core of good marketing.


Cost and Commitment
Using a professional agency to undertake marketing work is considerably cheaper and more flexible than employing somebody in-house. And, paying an agency normally means that a company gets access to a number of specialists within the industry, rather than just one. This generally allows for better ideas and more effective campaigns.

Another benefit of partnering with an agency to help with marketing is the level of commitment. If it isn’t right, or if there is a sudden reduction in funds, it is easier to drop an agency than it is to drop an in-house employee.


Trends and Software
Any agency worth its title will be up to date on the latest marketing trends and software. It is worth remembering that the latest software can be both important for success and expensive. Using an agency that has these capabilities included in the initial cost will mean the client doesn’t need to purchase them, and leaves the marketing professionals to do what they do best.


Invest in the Future
Investing in a marketing campaign goes a long way to setting any business up for the future. Certain aspects from a campaign – whether it’s a design, a strapline, a viral social media post or a well-received article – can make a business memorable to consumers for years to come. It is longevity like this that will make a brand stand out down the line.

Its also important to remember what marketing actually is. It is selling your business. A poor or badly received campaign can have long-lasting damage that could end up costing a company a lot to repair. Marketing is a vital element when it comes to any successful idea, so remember to at last let professionals have some involvement in – it will be worth it.

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