SEO vs Pay per click – which is for me?

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So you’ve got a website and you want to drive leads to it. That’s great! You’ve heard of search engine optimisation and pay per click but which is best for you?

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

SEO is the art of optimisation of a website to increase it’s ranking position on a search engine. Sounds simple right? There are many different parts of SEO but it all falls under two categories:

  • On page SEO (URL structures, H tags, internal linking, image compression, alt tags etc) 
  • Off page SEO (backlinks to your website, sharing on social media etc)

If done correctly, SEO can be very rewarding. This is because organic traffic, from being higher on a search engine, is the most cost effective way of generating leads for your website. However it can take time to improve your ranking. 

Google Ads (Previously Google Adwords)

Advertising with Google has a couple of advantages over SEO:

  • It allows you to immediately get traffic to your website – unlike SEO which typically takes weeks/months
  • It allows you to be in control of your spend and target your ideal customers using keywords
  • Choose when to drive traffic to your website

However Google Ads, unlike SEO, can continuous cost if are you in need of traffic that your normal ranking position is not giving you. If your SEO in comparison is effective, this can often be far more cost effective.

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