The Benefits of Using Google Ads to Advertise

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Google Ads – formally known as Google Ad Words – is an online advertising platform developed by Google. The platform allows advertisers, both small and large alike, to bid and display brief advertisements at the top of google searches. As well as Google searches, the wide-reaching system also places ads on non-search websites, mobile apps and videos (the Google Display Network).

The services on Google Ads are offered on a pay-per-click (PPC) pricing model, meaning advertisers are ‘bidding’ against other advertisers to appear through the use or certain keywords. Generally, popular key words cost more to bid on than less popular keywords, with a higher cost per click (CPC).

With people using Google to search over 3.5 billion times a day, it is quite clear why Google Ads is such a popular option for advertisers. But there are numerous other benefits to using an accredited digital agency to run your Google Ads campaigns, and you can see some of the main ones below –


Search Engine Ranking

One the greatest benefit of using Google Ads to advertise is that it works considerably faster than SEO. So, not only is a business able to advertise its services or products, but it can get the coveted number one spot on a google search – which will help with both sales/leads and brand awareness.

This isn’t to say that organic sources should be ignored, as they possess longer-term benefits. But if time is of the essence, Google Ads is the way to go for instant results.



As mentioned previously, over 3.5 billion searches are made every single day on Google – this converts to around 88% of all online searches. Undoubtedly the monopoly among search engines.

If an individual, or business, is looking for something, the likeliness is that they will Google it. With a well thought-out, professional Google Ads campaign, this reach can be taken advantage of; and result in them choosing your business.


Targeting and Remarketing

In our professional opinion, this is one of the top benefits of advertising with Google Ads.

Campaigns on Google Ads allow an advertiser to target everything from specific audiences and areas to specific devices. For example, if most of your conversions are coming from mobile devices, a higher bid level can be set to target this, leading to more ads appearing on mobile devices.

Or, if it is a small, local business, targeting can be cast on a particular city and its surrounding area, ensuring the people that see your ads or the most likely to convert.


Something for all Budgets

Google Ads is relatively inexpensive, making a useful tool even for those with modest budgets.

Costs per keywords vary, however, Google Ads allows advertisers to implement a strict daily budget and a maximum CPC, meaning businesses can advertise knowing a round-about figure that they will be charged.

The best way to get the most out of a Google Ads budget is to employ professionals to set up and manage the campaign – rather than trying to do it in-house.



Unlike advertising with publications or websites, which often requires payments up front and contracts, Google Ads is extremely flexible.

A campaign’s keywords can be constantly updated, allowing for the addition of keywords that could improve a campaign and the removal of keywords that are hindering a campaign. The Ads actual wording and add-ons can also be edited in live time, at both campaign and ad group levels. And, if budget constraints hit unexpectedly, campaigns can be paused until the budget is available again.

The need to monitor ads live and update them regularly once again proves the need for a professional agency to carry out Google Ads campaign.



Of all the ways to advertise your business digitally, Google Ads almost certainly offers the best capability to measure success.

Measurables include daily, weekly, monthly or chosen time frame reports that show the number of impressions, clicks, conversions, click-through-rate and more that each advert or each campaign has created.

Its is important that these measurables are read and understood properly to enable a campaign to be as successful as possible.


Professional Input

Lots of businesses do opt to create and manage their own Google Ads campaigns, which can be successful to a degree.

However, with important skilled aspects such as accurate keyword research, conversion tracking, targeting and other points mentioned above essential to get the most out of any advertising budget – it is always recommended that advertisers use a qualified agency to maximise their campaigns.

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