3 Ways to maximise having a website

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Having a website is an easy way to raise awareness
of your products and services.

Here are some tips to help maximise the potential of having a website.

Capture your visitors details, give them a reason to visit again!

It’s the same principle as a loyalty card, gather your visitors e-mail addresses and send out offers to entice visitors back to your site to see your products and services.
How do you do this? There are a number of ways, ask people if they want to opt in when purchasing something from your shopping cart, or a pop up on the site for example.

There are lots of e-mail marketing platforms which can even collate the captured e-mail addresses from your website, and assist you in sending regular mailshots to your customers/prospect customers.
With easy editable templates, these e-mail marketing platforms allow you to see who has shown interest in your e-mail campaign.
Neat huh?

Update your website to coincide with marketing campaigns

It’s always a good idea to make sure your website fits in with any marketing/advertising.
A great way to utilise your website is to create a custom landing page for a specific advert, such as using Google’s pay per click advert – this could then link to a page only the users from the Google Ads advert can see. (For example, 10% off for this week only)

Write a blog, or two, or three..

Seem like a bit of a chore to write a blog? Well it shouldn’t be!
People love reading blogs if the topic is relevant to them, and the best thing is it’s very beneficial to you.
Firstly, it keeps users on your site for longer, which is great for Search Engines and getting higher rankings as most search engines don’t like visitors ‘bouncing’ off your site.
Secondly, it raises peoples’ awareness of your services, people could decide share your blog socially – and have a guess what this does!
Lastly, if you write an article related to your services, providing that your website has had basic search engine optimisation, you have a chance to generate organic footfall. (More traffic on our website means higher chances of sales!)

Looking to make the most of your website or need a helping hand?

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