5 Common mistakes people make when designing their own website

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Having a website is great for business, but not if you end up making these common mistakes!
Here are some of the most common mistakes people make when creating their own website.

1) They have forgotten to factor in their goal

Many people do not factor in that they want their users to be guided to their products and services with an end goal in mind. Do you want them to submit details via a form or to call you to get a sale? Make it obvious!

Hyperlinks are a great way to push users to specific areas or pages of your website, and placing content in the right places on pages allows you to push the user to your end goal. If someone is looking at your testimonials and you want them to submit their information for a quote, make sure you place a form they can use!

2) The use of cliché and overused imagery

Having a huge £20 note on the front of your website, with a thumbs up icon next to it for your accounting firm, won’t win you the deal! Being that bit more creative can help keep readers interested, especially when it involves branding.

Further to this the average person spends over 3 hours a day on the internet, it’s not hard to see trends where certain images are overused on websites and graphic design.
Spotting a business that uses overused above common imagery is enough for the user to feel the company is ‘cheap’.

3) They haven’t added enough content

Let’s imagine you’ve decide to window shop on Amazon and Ebay for a new pair of headphones.
The price is the same for both websites for your chosen product. The seller on Ebay has listed some basic information about the product, and you are considering purchasing but want to check Amazon to see if the price is any cheaper.

You’ve found the product and the price is the same, however Amazon has listed more information about the product and has explained that it is compatible with your mobile phone. Also further to this they have linked some user reviews giving you the positive insight you needed to confirm your purchase.
The moral of the story? Add as much content as possible to aid your readers and improve sales.

4) They didn’t make it obvious what they offer on their website

We’ve all come across a website and pondered what it is exactly the company is offering.
If you’re not lucky enough to have an obvious enough business name, be sure to add a strap-line to your home page or add imagery/wording that lets users know they’ve got the right company for your service.

5) They forgot to check their links

There’s nothing more frustrating trying to navigate to a webpage to find it doesn’t exist!
Did you know that most 404 errors (page not found) are actually due to a typing mistake?
Don’t do all the hard work and forget to check for broken links, it’ll put people off using your service if they have a bad experience.

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