Nine useful web design terms every website owner should know

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The world of Web Design can be a very jargon full experience, which is why it’s important to have an understanding of what things mean. Here are some of the most commonly used bits of jargon and terms.


HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language and allows designers and developers to build a base template. In comparison consider this documenting that the human body has a head, body and feet – but no attributes! That’s where CSS comes in.


Cascading Style Sheets allow the styling of elements. Going back to our human body, this is how we can tell the browser that our head needs to be a certain size, colour and more.


It’s all very good having a human body, but if it doesn’t interact with other humans it’s going to be a little lifeless! This is where Javascript comes in, which allows animations and more.


A programming language designed to work similar to the human brain – it uses conditional logic. “If I forget to buy milk tonight, then buy some tomorrow.”


The world’s most popular CMS available, with over 25% of websites being built on this platform!


The storing and processing of your website’s data. Without a server your website would cease to make it to the online world! Hosting plans all run on servers.

Domain Name

A doman name (such as mikewadewebdesign.co.uk) is a way of reaching a website which is held on a server. Your domain name also allows the use of e-mails, such as info@yourchosedomainname.co.uk.

Responsive design

Designing a website requires steps to be taken to ensure that it looks good on all browsers. A mobile user wouldn’t want to see the desktop version of the site on their device, it’d look far too small! Designers use media queries to ensure content is displayed as required.


User experience is VERY important when it comes to fulfilling a websites goal. Have you ever been walked out of a shop because service was poor? Websites can cause just the very same thing!

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